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Before joining the fanlisting, please read the rules =]. No worries, it's not complicated.

  1. Be a fan of "Why Do You Love Me." Why else would you be joining?
  2. Include your name, e-mail, and country. Please be sure to include your real first name (i.e.: Shirley. Not xXAnGeL345Xx) and a valid e-mail address so that I can notify you if the fanlisting moves.
  3. A website is not necessary to join, but if you do have one, please link back to the fanlisting using one of the codes. Please do not hot link or direct link. If you do not know what hot/direct linking is, please visit this website. Furthermore, your code must be up at all times. If your site contains anything offensive (i.e.: hate sites or sites containing adult content) will not be added.
  4. Please keep your information updated. If you e-mail or url changes, please make your changes by using the update form.

Thank you for reading the rules! You can now head to the join form.